10 months in 382 words.

Yes, it's been a while. Like, a long while. 10 months, actually. I could have had a baby (I didn't), adopted a now fully trained dog (nope), relocated to other countries like some of my friends (still in Ireland), or trained myself to stop cracking my knuckles (swollen and growing).

What I have done? Bought a new car, showed James the London Eye and Legoland, became a GAA parent, celebrated someone's 33rd birthday, lost a few extra pounds, made jam, bought a comfortable pair of four inch heels, tried whiskey and finally (finally!) liked it, travelled to the US, had a best friend get together, went to the top of the Empire State Building, gained a few extra pounds, celebrated someone's sixth birthday, travelled to the US again in a fancy seat, crashed a Valentine's Day dinner, took up a lipstick habit, gained a few extra pounds again, celebrated someone's 34th birthday, started reading books on a kindle (no longer last man standing), enthusiastically hugged friends visiting from other countries.

And that brings us to where we are now. Ah, sure, here are some photos:

My first adult car, never mind I have the mind of a 16 year old.

I know you can't see it, but we're on the London Eye. However, this is my favourite photo of the whole trip.

I swear the uniform is his favourite part of being on the team.

Yes, there is a tiny friend on the cup.

He was not impressed with the 86th floor. He was even less impressed with the 102nd.

Santa finds him wherever he is celebrating.

We will make him wear that hat until he is 30.

Sexiest night of their lives.

We've known each other 20 years and we haven't aged a day.

You never thought that would end, did you? I'm nothing if not completely lazy about using words when I can just show pictures instead.

What will I be doing? Losing the few extra pounds, making myself like butternut squash again, travelling to the west, travelling to the US again (hopefully), bugging my mother via Facebook messages, planning a holiday to France for next summer, getting proper goals, and maybe updating this on a weekly basis.

Stick with me.

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