10 randoms

Martini over at A Martini Always Helps (so true) has listed 10 random things about herself and has asked readers to do the same. I am because my brain is completely void of all useful content for this blog. My days are spent like this:

Wake up
Go to work
Come home
Try to parent effectively
Think about what typeface to use on the banner of this site
Dance in my kitchen

I've already written about most of these things ad nauseum. Let's try for something new, okay?

  1. As a kid I really wanted to be a ballerina and a Catholic and I failed completely at both. I never even got close to either, obviously. I always thought it was neat that some people went to class on Sunday. Neat in the way that I got to be in bed and think about it while everyone else was at church. Just as neat as I thought it was to dance on your toes. Oh hi there, atheism.

  2. There is a part of me that will not accept that I am over 23. I also think I'm thin. It's a real terrifying experience when I look in the mirror.

  3. My favourite food is cheese. By far. My second favourite food is anything processed.

  4. I'm from a small, mountain town in Northern New Jersey where people go to pumpkin pick and ski. It got it's first franchise in 1998. Banner year. It's weird but I've nearly lived in Dublin longer than I lived in that town but I still consider it home.

  5. I'm scared of swimming in anything that isn't chlorinated. The bottoms of lakes, oceans, rivers, and seas just creep me out. Puddles, too.

  6. I have an intense and genuine fear of lotus pods (I can't believe I was able to even type that) and anything that is small, round and in a bunch. Like how brussel sprouts grow on their stalk. Annndd now I feel itchy all over and a little ill. Ugh. Okay. Find a happy place.

  7. My favourite cities in the world rank as follows: NYC, Paris, Dublin, Rome, Boston. I've been to Boston the least amount of times and I suppose it would be a toss up between NYC and Dublin for the most.

  8. If I won the Euro millions I know I would show up to work the next day and the day after that. I dislike change just that much. I would throw a hell of a party on my last day, though. Be prepared, guys!

  9. When I go to bed early I still feel like I am missing out on something big, just like I did when I was six and 10 and 18. Do you ever shake that feeling?

  10. I never liked Seinfeld and continue to think Family Guy is boring. Sorry.

That's it. My list and my life in 10 small snippets. Do the same and link in the comments so I can read about how weird you are and feel better about myself.

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