16 months on.

Since I'm home sick from work I thought I would actually catch up on some posts I wanted to make. The first being the most important to my mother.

What does a dog say? from Liz in Dublin on Vimeo.

Video is slightly dodgy because it's from an iPhone but if you put the actual camera on him to tries to bite it.

Walking! Oh, we are walking. From mama to dada and back. Over and over again. And again. And again. He loves the walking. Would not do it anywhere else, though, but it's a huge start.
And when he's not taking those steps between the two of us, he is running around on his walker. Turning corners and making me fear for his life.
Eating on his own. He's doing this with much more regularity now. We put stuff on the spoon or fork and he puts it in his mouth. And hair. And clothes. And a few times, somehow, on his back.
As you can see above his understanding has grown hugely. Before we would get blank looks and maybe a giggle but now he seems to know what we're saying. Often times it's by doing what was asked or responding in a way that makes sense. Other times it's by throwing a fit.
Likes ice cream! Pretty sure that's a parenting-fail but I'll live.

Effing teeth. I can not wait until they are all in. How many more months of this?
Starting to climb. I know this is technically a good thing; I do want him to progress his gross motor skills, but, damn if I'm not always hovering around him, waiting for him to fall off of the couch during his attempts to scale it.
Likes raisins. I hate raisins.

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