17 months on.

Weight: A little over 25 pounds
Height: Nearly able to climb on the ottoman
Adjusted age (No, I will not stop counting this; not until he is two): 15 months or so.

Standing up and walking on his own. He can walk a whole length of the living room now without a problem. He just needs the confidence to do it without our encouragement.
Walking at creche. They were so excited about it they wrote it in his book. That's some serious shit.
Will play in grass and in a garden. This was a big deal because he used to dislike grass intensely. Now he accepts it as a part of life and one day might even walk on it.
"That!" Everything is "That!"
We live in a place where the view from the playground is this:

The hissy fits -- they are getting worse. We are getting better at handling them, though, and he stopped screaming at an outdoor cafe tonight pretty quickly. (Don't worry, my mother taught me right -- children should not be heard in public until they are five. And even then it's to only say, "Can I top that up for you, mama?")
A small portion of his left lung isn't inflating. They said this is to be expected and should get better in time. We check it out again in October.
Diagnosed with asthma so he will be on at least one inhaler for the foreseeable future. This is hardly a surprise as I found myself often gasping for air as a child. Apparently, nerdiness is hereditary.

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