18 months on.

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Please note: In this video we have stuff all around in places where we usually wouldn't have them -- like those cords behind that table near the buggy. Unsafe things. But we just had a gas leak (!) and things had to be rearranged so people could get in an inspect the problem. Our place is not a death-trap, promise.
I've done this post around three times now and every time I do it something goes wrong with the video or blogger. This is the last attempt. If all doesn't go well James will be 17 months forever, which is really a downer for me because I'd at least like him to be potty trained.


This is my last Month's post. He's a year and a half now. We made it to a year and a half! It's all gravy from here on out, right? I find myself forgetting what he did this month or to snap a photo of his antics because one second he's here and the next he's there and there isn't a shutter speed fast enough. He's truly growing into a little boy rather than always being the little baby boy I figured he'd always stay.

Height: 33.5 inches
Weight: 27 Pounds 8 ounces.
Adjusted age: Around 16 months.

He's growing! He's huge! The public health nurse was all, "Um yeah, he's big. He's a big boy. Wow." at his height and then when he took his weight he had to do it twice because he couldn't believe he weighed that much. I've heard of heavier kids and he doesn't look chunky but maybe I'm seeing him with a mother's eyes? After months of minimal growth, it's nice to see a spurt.

Cookie! Bye bye! Cookie! Cracker! Peppa Pig! BUUUBBBLEEE! COOKIE!

Only FOUR TEETH LEFT. It's the back ones. They're going to be a bitch.

Walks everywhere all the time.

He's much more of a cuddle bug now. He will sit on the sofa with us at the end of his day and watch Peppa Pig

Down to one bottle a day and I think we can take it away really soon. I know to have your child on a bottle after 1 is a sin in America and CPS should be called, but they don't make a fuss about it here. Every child in their own time. I like this because it makes me feel less like a basket case.

Dust mites. He's allergic to them. According to some it's not a big deal -- according to the allergist, it is. No books, carpets or stuffed toys are allowed in his room. And of course right after this he adopts a new friend, Bunny, who is with him all the time.

Hissy fits -- like, wow. I didn't know he could scream so loud and for such an long period of time. Doesn't he run out of breath? Doesn't it hurt his head? I know this is the third time I have posted about hissy fits but I swear we're doing the right things: Say no firmly, talk to him on his level and tell him why he can't have/do xyz, let him get on with his fit, comfort him if he gets out of hand, don't give in. We NEVER give in, yet the screaming still happens. And we're not even at two yet! We're obviously doing something wrong.

Sleep is getting rough. For some reason he is waking up at night. Could be his teeth, could be nightmares. I really hope it's not nightmares.

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