1997 was the bomb.

...and, in 1997, so was that phrase.

During the early weeks in the month of December, Apple and O2 decided to give out three free iTunes downloads every friday for a few weeks. Between Bub and I, we had 36* downloads. We bought one album (Ceremonials by Florence + the Machine; buy it right now) and a bunch of songs that we had wanted for a while but never wanted to spend actual money on.

I may or may not have purchased The Thong Song.

Okay, I definitely did.

Out of all of the songs we purchased, though, there has been one that I can't stop listening to. I listen at home, at work, on the way home from work and sometimes in bed at night before I fall asleep.

White Town, thank you for this track that has followed me from the age of 16 to 30.

*Edited because I can't do math, despite the fact that in 1997 I had 10 years of school behind me, one subject which included basic math.

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