36 months on. (Also known as three years old)

Our little boy has made it to three years old. We nearly can't believe what a little boy he is. I mean, yes, logically, he's a little boy. He always has been. But, sometimes it's just so shocking how much he is a little child. A little person.

He asks curious questions like, "Mommy, who lives in the sky?" (The moon, the stars, Santa). He plays with trains and cars and makes all of the appropriate noises ("choochoo" and "vvrrrooooommm" and sometimes a "beep"). He even tells his mommy to sit properly (on her bottom). He plays pranks, like proper pranks where you will wonder how a three year old just out-smarted you.

At three years old he has favourite foods (ice cream, chocolate and pears. Also, chips, and anything that you are eating that he is not.) He has favourite words ("no" and "cookie") and a favourite phrase ("Can we do it later?") and is not stingy with kisses, hugs and "I love you"s (as long as they are on his terms and you're not interrupting Mickey Mouse with your sentimentality, which I always do).

He has turned into this gorgeous, curious, funny, sensitive, hungry (always hungry!) little boy. And we love him.

Oh, and on his third birthday, he was exactly three feet tall. How perfect, huh?

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Liz in Dublin