A big boy.

I never thought this would happen but I have received two emails asking me where James has gone. Did we give him away? Sell him to the circus? Does he not live with us anymore? How is it I could go away without my child? (Very easily.)

To be Irish about it – he’s grand! Growing still, which is good; encouraged, even. He’s in pre-school now and has been for a month or so, which means for a month all we’ve heard is, “I’m in pre-school now. I’m a big boy.”

Yes, yes. You’re a big boy. But can you bring home the bacon? No? Then shush and get mommy a coke.

See, I could have said cocktail, but I’m trying to teach an excess of sugar is better than an excess of alcohol. Parent of the Year.

He just eats two ice cream cones and laughs at us.

We have actually been really encouraging this ‘big boy’ talk because that time has come; The time most parents can’t wait for but the time I was willing to put off until he was 10. Yes, very soon we will be potty-training. With the underpants and the small toilet and the accidents.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

So, Mister Man is still happy and growing and doing all the things a kid his age should do. Next up for him: transcontinental air travel in October. He’s done it before (twice) but not with the ability to exert free will. I think we should take on the same attitude we do when putting him in a time-out or getting a vaccination – this will be worse for us than it is for him.

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