A little something to take your mind off the itching.

Many things were meant to be said this week on this blog, but James has the chicken pox.

I know. I can hear the confusion from here. No, in Ireland, kids do not get the vaccine. Yes, I do think the vaccine is a little stupid. Yes, I do wish I would have paid the €90 for the jab and not be dealing with the itching and scratching and hearing, 'mommy, please make it better'. Heartbreaking stuff.

I could show you a photo of his stomach covered in the pox but instead I'll show you this:

THAT, my friend, is Huckleberry Lemonade in a pretty mason jar. Mmmmmvodka. I can not recommend this drink enough. Huckleberry Vodka and Lemonade. Voila!

Jeanie of Jeanie and Jeff are Parents! fame, and a fellow bridesmaid of C, has finally sent over photos of the shower I attended two weeks ago, taken with her spiffy camera. My camera is not so spiffy. My camera is typically my phone. I’m thinking of nicking hers off of her in October. Merry Christmas to me!

This was her face after I told her about all the leopard print lingerie she would own by the end of the day.

Here you can see her shock and awe (and a pretty attractive ugly cry face -- I'm impressed). Or maybe it was a bad smell? No, no! It was me who surprised her by standing behind that behemoth of a ginger man, her fiancé, E. (Modern times makes it okay for the groom to come to the shower. Everyone put away your smelling salts.)

Now, I’m pretty hard to hide as a rule, but E pulled through, keeping me behind him as she circulated the room. At one point we thought, well, maybe we should see how long we could do this. Through the cocktail hour? Maybe, if we’re really good, through the lunch? We’d be champions at hiding! We could go to the National Hiding Championship and then maybe travel to Asia or Eastern Europe to compete for the world title! We'd be hiding masters, then. But it completely defeat the purpose of me being there to begin with.

Jeanie happened to click the button at just the right time to capture the perfect shot of her surprise. Thanks, Jean. Here are a few others that were taken:

Jeanie and another bridesmaid, M. She's getting her face fixed before the wedding.

A little bit of Jersey in Westchester.

Oh, to hell with it:

Hope you had a good week.

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