A promise is a promise.

I haven't been around much, mostly because I'm lazy. Things (all the things!) clog up my brain and spitting anything out is nearly impossible. Sometimes something will happen in my day, I'll think it's important enough to tell The Internets about it, and then in the evening when I think about writing it, I decide I'd rather watch My Life as Liz -- the best show on TV that has the name Liz in it and is not about me.

Lots of things are going on in our house. Naturally! Halloween came and went and Mister Man looked effing adorable. Look! Adorable!

And he doesn't even take a bottle anymore. Glorious day!

We have continued the house search and might be closer than you (or we) think to having one. We like the look of this one. Ring it up! It'll be ours by Christmas.

I've had a few controversial topics that I decided to shy away from because I don't need people I knew in high school thinking I'm a Class A Wackjob. Not that I think my views on the world are unique. I just don't think there should be signs in a toy store pointing to "boy" toys or "girl" toys in bright, gender assigned colours and you can bet that when I see something like that I'm not likely to ever shop in your establishment ever again, Hamleys. Then, I read this lady's post about her son dressing up as Velma for Halloween and that will alway trump gender specific toys.

However, I did make a promise to myself that I would post more and try to think about some changes that I need to make in order to lead a calmer life style. I'm going to try doing just this. I'm going to post things and not worry about what my mother might say or if someone will disagree with me. Just because someone disagrees with me on The Internets doesn't mean that I am any less correct in my assessment.

It usually does mean you're wrong, though, so beware.

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