A small glimpse.

Mister Man is going full throttle into the 'Terrible Twos'. I thought we had a little more time until that happened? You know, like, four months. I thought children went from infant, to lovely child, to hell demon. But, it seems that's not what happens at all. I say the phrase, "James! No! Dangerous!" about 40 times a day -- and I swear that isn't an exaggeration. It's always over the same things too: touching the radiator, standing on chairs/books/boxes, climbing on various items of height, and touching the rubbish bin. Sometimes taking out the knives and crawling into the oven, but I just call that curiosity.

The result of a 20 month old and glitter. I picked glitter out of every nook for days.

He is completely cheeky -- doing naughty things while watching us to see if we will notice and backing away once we say no. However, sometimes we'll say no and in a moment of 20 month old defiance, he will push on and do the exact thing he was told not to with exaggerated brattiness. If it wasn't so irritating, it'd be funny. He's pushing the limits to see where we snap and I think, especially after this weekend, he knows where that point is.

I had coffee with two friends on Saturday after James' nap. THIS WAS A MISTAKE. Not the coffee with friends and James, but the timing. He was full of energy, of course. He did not want to sit down; he ran all over the place while the my friends' children slept peacefully in their prams. What a difference a year can make! When they asked if we were having a second birthday party for him immediately after I had to go and retrieve him from the back of the counter where they handle hot food and drinks, I tersely replied, 'If he makes it to two."

I only realised later that this might be considered bad taste since he nearly didn't make it to his first birthday. If it were anyone else saying it I would have been angry but since it was me, it's the truth.

That looks safe.

But, on the other hand, he can be a complete cuddle bug; curling up on the sofa for long periods of time to snuggle with me and watch Mickey Mouse while sucking his favourite thumb. It's a complete 180 to his usual behaviour where he has to be on the move 100% of the time. Now we're down to 95% of the time and we can have a breather.

Don't judge the leopard print snuggie.

Most of all, though, he's funny. He does funny toddler things like repeatedly asked for his father;

"Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada, Daadddy, daaaaddddyyyy, daddy!, daddy!"

Or his mother;

"Mommy, Mommy Moooommmy, MOOOOMMMMYYY"

and then actually have nothing to tell us. He pretends to read on the floor and dances to most songs that come on the TV. He twirls in the middle of the room after running around in circles. And everything can be made into a telephone.

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