Another summer shot in the ass.

I didn't post anything last week because I didn't want to jinx it. I try not to be superstitious. I walk under ladders, I cross the paths of black cats, I step on cracks in the road and my mother has not broken her back once. But I never, ever talk about good weather. Once you talk about good weather it starts raining. You mention how beautiful and sunny it is outside, and 10 seconds later dark clouds move overhead. I have learned this lesson in past years so this year I have said nothing. But, now that the 7 days of good weather is officially over, I'm going to talk about it all I want.

It was fecking glorious.

That is the only way to put it. It was sunny, and HOT, and just gorgeous out. I have a tan from the Irish sun. I'm sorry, but that's like saying I lost weight because I ate only cupcakes for 2 weeks straight -- it makes no damn sense at all. After two weeks straight of cupcakes my ass would be the size of a thanksgiving day balloon. The Irish sun, at best, should make the goosebumps go away, not burn your skin red. My car said it was 33 degrees one day. 33 degrees equals 91.4 degrees in proper temperature measurements. Heat like that is unheard of in this country and definitely has not occurred often in the 4.5 years I have lived here.

And, now we're back down to 55.4 which is such a colossal let down. I'd hoped that this year would be the year of the proper summer; the summer where I do not have to wear a jacket. And a sweater. And an undershirt to go outside. However, Mister Man vehemently hates the sunshine and made it difficult to really enjoy it. We would lather him up in SPF 50 so thick he looked like Powder. Then we put a hat on his head, and carried him outside eagerly waiting to see his giggling face lit up by the natural light.

His face was something akin to this:

Just picture more squinting with Wexford fields in the background and you have the right idea.

And, even though I might be feeling the exact opposite to Mister Man about the sun, he's expressing the exact amount of WTF I wish to convey about today's gloomy weather. Ah, summer 2009 was lovely.

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