Autumn is an underachiever.

Starting today I have a new look. Thanks to the people over at Blogger Templates I have a rather feminine and slightly over the top new layout that will probably make some people want to throw up all over my hay fever nightmare. For me, it's just right, because contrary to popular belief I like to run around fields of flowers singing with the birds and bubbles in the shape of hearts come out of my butt. True story.

I think it's the impending autumn that's coming. Usually I really love autumn. You can SMELL the cold and it's something I associate with home. What I'm really smelling is the smoke from someone burning valuable, oxygen and paper producing trees. I'm pretty sure that's not considered recyclable. Just turn on the GAS heater and waste oil. Because we have TONS of that.

It's just something about this year -- it doesn't feel the same. The days are going from being really cold to being not so cold and it's gray again. The leaves are going straight to brown and falling to the ground, or else they are the lazy, unsuccessful leaves, the type that say they will get all their work done in a few months and then a few months comes and goes and the papers on the dining room table still aren't filed away but instead sitting in a pile exactly where I don't want them to be. Those types just aren't turning anything at all. Eventually they will just die an uncolorful death too.

And it just happened that I NEEDED color. I need a lot of color to off set this gray and brown around me. Then I saw it. The most nauseating blog template ever. Flowers so big, grass so over grown that I said, "Okay, we're pretending it's spring again and this time WE'RE GETTING IT RIGHT."

Of course, I reserve the right to turn to a halloween or Christmas or Shrek theme if I so wish. In the meantime, tell me what you think -- is it pretty, or does it look like there was a war of the flora on my blog and you're not sure who won? There is a poll to your right. Clicky-clicky.

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