Be scared of your mailbox.

If you didn't know, Ireland is rather Catholic. And by "rather" I mean something like 92% of people in the country identify themselves as part of the Catholic religion. Of course this means the church has a large influence in government, law, and even the schools. So much so that the public schools have been turning down kids for admission because of overcrowding and are only admitting children who are Catholic. The reason is two-fold -- lack of planning on the part of the city with the influx of people moving into Dublin areas being so high, and, of course, the insanity that is letting the Catholic church have say over who is educated in Ireland's PUBLIC SCHOOLS, especially since the migrant, non-Catholic population is growing every day.

Because of this I am rarely shocked when I tell someone a story about me, say, SHOWING THE WORLD MY UNDERPANTS and they say something along the lines of, "I'll pray for you." Or when I open my mail at work and at the bottom of the professional, business stationary there is the quote "To God be the glory, Great things He has done!" I used to find this God enthusiasm annoying and offensive to my non-believer self, but in the 2+ years I have lived here I have mostly grown to ignore the little snippets of religion sneaking up on me in my every day life.

That is until The Atlas of Creation by Harun Yahya showed up in front of me at work for no reason I can think of other than my boss and I were talking about the connection between a parakeet and a budgie and thirty minutes later it was on my desk when I got back from my lunch. So not only do I have Catholicism coming at me from all angles, I have Islam coming at me in the post.

In Ireland parents have to apply for admission into schools for their children. If the school reaches their capacity your child is turned down and you either have to find schooling elsewhere outside of your town or wait until the next year. They promote education fantastically here, don't they?

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