Blogging: there's an official app for that.

Google has come out with an app for blogger for the iPhone so I very well may be posting from the toilet from now on.

I could have downloaded one of the million apps that let's you make a blog post from your phone, but, eh, I didn't want to pay and commit to blogger, but since this was free and orange (my favourite colour - Go 'Cuse!)

So, if this is a satisfactory experience I'll be posting from it more often. Which means the photos will be even more shite than they already are.

And, maybe I'll even write a review. One thing that is already missing? Photo placement as you will see in a second. We'll see how this goes.

Edit: Immediately after publishing this post I had to go in, fix the size of the photo (I kept it in the place it posted, although I wanted it above the last paragraph), fix the title, and add labels (as the ones I have didn't automatically come up). Poor showing.

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