Bosses are breezy and don't give me agita.

I know I haven’t been posting here this week. That’s because my boss is insisting I actually work while at work which is just pushy in my opinion. She’s all "do this", and "do that", and "what do you think we’re paying you for?" like she’s in charge of me, or something.

Actually, if I could tell you how much of a lie the above statement is, I would, but this kind of laid-back attitude of wanting to get the job done is indescribable. Sure there are deadlines to make but the people who have made them usually don’t want to keep them anyway, so you’re in the clear. I once had a deadline for June in my diary and it didn’t actually get finished until September and it was only "due" then because I had decided to hand it in. See? Laid back.

However, the last couple days have been slightly manic. If you don’t know, I work at a magazine; a very awesome accountancy magazine which we all know must be the height of sexiness in the magazine world. Men throw themselves at my feet begging to be part of the glamour-fest that is this place, it’s JUST THAT SEXY. We publish bi-monthly so every other month we look like these guys.

This month we added a few new features to the website (I would share if this wasn’t the internet and it wasn’t full of crazies that would tell my company that I give questionable representation to write about them in my blog) which left us even more insane, panicked and internet-timeless. This combined with the fact that I can't seem to add properly leaving all of our subscribers without a magazine for this month made for a completely hectic week.

However, starting 12 minutes from now my boss goes on holidays for 3 weeks and while she might have left two massive projects for me to completely take over while she's gone, I have a niggling feeling I will be able to go back to my laid-back, blog-writing job that I tell people I love.

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