Bye bye, summer. Hello, autumn.

Autumn is here, full on. This wasn’t tentative toes being dipped into the shallow end of the pool, no. Autumn decided to take a running belly flop into the deep end, never looking back and soaking us all in the process.

As I’ve said about a thousand times, this is my favourite time of year. Sunlight is glowy, Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner and I always did enjoy going back to school (for, like the first week). The world, or at least my world, just seems to get back into a good, calm routine in the autumn and I really, really love it.

In less than four weeks we will be in the US and I am determined to take James apple and pumpkin picking, choose an awesome Halloween costume for him and have him roll around in some freshly fallen leaves. Because, really, that’s what it’s all about, right? Cinnamon and warm jackets and that nip in the air.

Ah, I’m being poetic. I’ll stop now. Look, pictures of leaves!


(I didn't say they were good pictures. I'll work on it.)

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