Chris Brown, a rant.

I, like anyone else who is throwing their opinion into the ring about this subject, understand that there are more important things going on in the world. Huge things. I completely acknowledge that the world is gone to hell in a hand basket. For example:

Syrian forces opening fire on protesting civilians;
10,000 people are dead and 17,000 people are still missing in Japan; and
I can't even think about Libya.

So, yes, let's concentrate on those things (for the most part).

But, can I please direct you to two opinions that has an atheist throwing up an "AMEN!"?

First: An Open Letter to Good Morning America Concerning the Chris Brown Situation.

Second: A History Lesson for Chris Brown.

Chris Brown. Oooooh, Chris Brown. How he makes my blood boil. The other day I read a story about the GMA incident out to my mother and we sort of both had a chin drop, called him a variety of names and then moved on.

"HULK MAAAAAAD!" also came to mind.

Now, after stewing on it for a few days, and reading and seeing both of the above blog posts (especially the video), I have to say that I'm sick of this kid's madness. Was I ever a fan before we knew him as the violent man he has proved to be (twice!)? No. I didn't understand the whole Michael Jackson emulation and never cared about his relationship with Rihanna.

And I still don't.


I care about a situation where a man, who has no regard for women/humanity/the law, can go around whining that people aren't treating him fairly because they dare ask him about the incident where he beat a woman silly and got off scot-free. And, the media not only has given him a second chance, but they are giving him a third and will likely give him a fourth and fifth before, maybe, hopefully, someone steps in and gives him the help he needs or shuts him down completely. Which we know won't happen. Because he is somehow still worth a billion dollars to record execs. And TV execs. And maybe, one day, movie execs.

What I'm saying is: this guy has issues, and he needs to sort them, and the public needs to stop fawning over him until he deals with said issues. Maybe everyone thought that he had done that - I mean, surely one anger management course is enough, right? - but now we know he obviously hasn't. If he can't go away and get help, can't someone at least tell him to shut the hell up?

So (DEEP BREATH), there you go. My brief thought on Chris Brown, and the thoughts of people who are are a billion times more eloquent, or just have the balls to use more swear words than I do.

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