Do you think he'll insist on two birthdays a year from now on?

As I have lamented a few thousand times, my child's first birthday was spent in a hospital while under the influence of a lot of sedating-type drugs. I will one day get over it and post about something new but until I get the astronomical statement from my insurance company it's going to be all HOSPITAL HOSPITAL HOSPITAL. This experience won't be purged from my brain until then. Here's looking at you, March.

I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to celebrate his birthday; I didn't want to make a big thing out of something he wouldn't be mentally present for but I also needed to acknowledge the day somehow. It was his birthday. This is the biggest first of all the firsts and because of my indecision on whether or not I could handle the day, nearly nothing happened.

However, the staff at Hackensack University Medical Centre (and I mention it here because they are fantastic in every way except discharge and deserve a rave review) had other plans. The room was decorated for us -- cut out stars with messages, balloons and a banner, and this was all before I woke up in the same room where they decorated proving that even in the most stressful of circumstances and in the most uncomfortable of sleeping apparatus, I am the World's Best Sleeper (70s HIGH FIVE!). The staff dropped in all day to wish him a happy birthday. Nurses who had never cared for him came in to give him a half hug in his bed. They brought him gifts! He wouldn't ever remember them -- and he definitely didn't like them when he did wake up -- but they made sure that we would remember his birthday being so lovely and it was.

The night-shift nurses and James on his birthday

We bought cupcakes for the staff. That's it. Twenty-four gorgeous tasting cupcakes from Mr Cupcakes at The Shops at Riverside that Bub and I ate, for the most part, ourselves. People who work at hospitals are too health conscious.

Yesterday we had his faux-first birthday. Yeah, he's 1 year, 3 weeks and 3 days old. Yeah, no other children were there to celebrated with us. Yeah, it was an excuse for cake and friends but here was the result:

Jeanie Cha did this with something called Catpaint on the iPhone. No children, cats or unicorns were harms in created these photos.

Okay, this is really what happened:

After 10 minutes of whining and crying:

Happy first birthday, my Mister Man!

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