Easy Crockpot Baked Potato Soup, Irish style.

If you're female and you like to look at shit on the internet, you already know about pinterest. If you are anyone else, take a lookey here and familiarize yourself with what is keeping your girlfriends, wives, mothers and sisters from doing anything else but staring intently at the computer screen for hours.

I'm not saying men can't or don't use it, but out of the 50 something people I follow, only three of them are men and one of those three is my father who recently discovered social media and so signed up for everything. Facebook, twitter, Linked in, foursquare and, now, Pinterest. He's a social media whore so doesn't count.

Oh, and the gay men. Loads of fabulous, gay men. This one in particular.*

I am on it (and you can follow me by clicking that attractive 'FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST' button in the right side bar) for the jewelry, decorating ideas, artful yet dirty pictures, and recipes. Mostly the dirty pictures, though.

It's amazing what seemingly buttoned up, sweet people will pin when they think no one is looking. Heh.

Anyway, I find a lot of recipes on there and tonight, I had a massive success with this one. I made this crockpot baked potato soup tonight and, I have to say, it was gorgeous. However, I did have to make some slight changes since I'm in Ireland: The Land that Time and Exporters Forgot. Ore Ida isn't something that exists here, nor does anything come in 30oz size. Chicken broth can be found in cans (made by Baxters) but when I went to find some at my local grocery store, there was none to be found. People here, generally, make broth from cubes or from weirdo gel pots.

So, for all of those in the US who might want to make crockpot baked potato soup, stick with this lady's recipe because she is bang on.

If you're like me and live somewhere that would never, ever get anything in the shop that is pre-shredded, this is how I did it:

850gms of frozen hashbrowns. I bought two bags of McCain hash browns and used one full bag and 150gms from the second.
3 chicken broth cubes dissolved in 1,350mls of boiling water
1 can of cream of chicken soup (Baxters)
1/2 cup onion, chopped
1/4 tsp. ground pepper
1 pkg. cream cheese. Not the Philly in the tubs but in the foil package that no one ever buys.

After that I followed Team Carroll; I put everything but the cream cheese in the crockpot and set it for 7 hours. About an hour into the process, though, I figured that I should probably manually shred up the hash browns so I didn't get huge lumps of potato at the end. This might not be necessary as hash browns are just chopped up potatoes stuck together by magic, but I did it anyway. I went in and with a fork split up all the hash browns until they were in millions of little potato pieces.

Thinking about it, I'm betting you could save yourself at least €5 and just chop up potatoes old school style. It's not like this country has a shortage of them. But, I'm lazy, and will likely never ever do that.

After that, I let the crockpot do the rest of the work and followed the instructions as directed in the original recipe. I added the cream cheese an hour before we ate, stirred it up and then served it to a toddler who refused to eat it.

I thought it was delicious, though, and that's what counts.

To its credit, Mister begged to have his soup five minutes before his bedtime, but it could have just been a delay tactic. Or my cooking is just. that. good.

After dinner I ladled the rest into some tupperware (not real tupperware) and I figure we'll be eating it for the next week. I really look forward to that.

*Edited to add gay men. All of my posts need more gay men, I think.

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