Eight months on.

Taken in NJ, 1st and 6th September

Weight: 20 pounds, 6 ounces
Height: Bigger than a bread box
Adjusted age: 29 weeks.

Rolls all ways all the time. Is this really an "up"?
Is eating solid food that are actually solid and not soft, mashed or puréed.
Took his first flight and we both survived. Barely.
Enjoys pools and swimming. Move over Michael Phelps.
Is holding his arms up to signal he wants to be picked up. And I repeat, is this really an "up"?

Since being abroad has given trouble when going to sleep at night. Worried this might carry over when we get home.
Isn't holding a bottle on his own and has no real interest in a sippy cup.
Finds being away from his mother for more than four seconds something to carry on about.
Misses his daddy desperately. I suppose this is only a "down" depending on who you are.

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