Eleven months on.

Weight: A little over 22 pounds
Height: Err.. about 30 inches, we think. According to our "I'll hold him up and you get the tape measure" method of measurement.
Adjusted age: About 9.5 months. No idea what it is in weeks. I've lost the plot, haven't I?

Enjoyed the heckle out of Thanksgiving and everything that went with it...except the vegetables, of course.
Caught our first virus and lived to tell the tale.
Started creche and won over the female population of the baby room.
Experienced first kiss by a lovely little girl named Hannah. I already hate her.
Visited Santa! Told him his secret wish to be able to put all the DVDs in his mouth and not have his mama say "Mama said no, James!"

First time vomited because of said illness. And he did it all over mama. Three times.
Creche took a while to get used to, especially napping there. Decided this was the perfect time to learn to pull himself up with the bars on the crib.
Told Hannah the Scarlet Baby (my new petname for her) to go run off a cliff after that kiss. He doesn't like kisses from icky girls. Would rather be in the arms of his mama.
Also told Santa where he could go. That is, until Santa bribed him with a gift. (See picture below)

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