Fourteen months on, because I skipped thirteen.

I didn't do a thirteenth month. It turned out not to be a good one. We, like most buildings in the Western Hemisphere, are just skipping over thirteen. I promise, he was cute during that month. I know you were worried. (Insert parental eye-roll.)

Weight: 24 pounds, 9 ounces
Height: 31.5 inches
Adjusted Age: About 12 months, I'd say.

Finally crawling as of TODAY. More than one or two knee jerks forward. Like, whole lengths of floors crawling.
In general his gross motor skills have started to get much better than they were even before he was sick.
He loves Taylor Ham and will eat this New Jersey special with vigor.
Had first word (Up!) Second word (Pop!) and now third word (Walk!...but more like Pock!)
Starting to enjoy his sippy and willingly drinks water from it.

Pickiest. Eater. Ever.
Lungs are still healing. This should be an "up" I guess, but the fact that they are so badly damaged is a down.
Hates sitting. Hates it. Much rather crawl up to someone, grab their hands and insist on walking. That's great but sitting, like when in an airport for three hours, is necessary.
When you say no to the walking, or anything really, a full on fit comes along. Kicking and screaming into the carpet type of fit.

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