Functioning properly in four easy steps.

After what has been a horrible week for Bub and I, we are keen to get our lives back to normal. I won't go into details about it, but our minds and bodies are exhausted from even thinking and we both expressed the need for normalcy last night and today I took the first steps towards getting there.

Liz's steps on how to start behaving like a human again:

1. Bathe. People don't like you when you are smelly and you don't like yourself. You always think there is someone around you creating the smell and you only realize it's you when you finally realize that the garbage can't possibly be so bad as to create a smell in every room you enter.

2. Eat food other than take out. Sure pizza, chinese, Big Als Spicy Chicken, and even McDonalds are good comfort foods for a bad day. You can excuse a person from indulging once or twice. But 6 days in a row is bound to make you feel like only a crane can lift you out of the house. Tonight it's grilled chicken with pasta.

3. Get out of bed, no matter how badly it hurts. The more you do it, the less you think about the pain and the less you think about the pain, the more normal you feel. And that means you're able to get your own beer, and such independence will make all the difference.

4. Talk to friends and family, because you don't realize how amazing they are until you truly need them and we are lucky enough to surround ourselves with only the best.

We are back in work on Tuesday after the bank holiday, St Patrick's Day weekend. Normal posting shall resume then.

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