General Hayden is looking to recruit me.

I am the world's best secret keeper for a few reason I may have mentioned in the past:

1. I like knowing things no one else knows.
2. It makes me feel special and smug.
3. I play by the golden rule, generally.

Recently, I obtained a secret so awesome that I thought I would never be able to keep my mouth shut. It took all the effort in my 40,000 pound frame to not just blurt it out when I was with friends or collegues.

Now, though, the time has come for me to let the secret out. I feel the internet can not live without the information any long. That, and I already told facebook.

We are, as of last Tuesday, 12 weeks pregnant. After a failed attempt in March, we are beyond thrilled to get the big thumbs up from the doctor yesterday telling us that everything is brilliant and it should be a good 28 weeks ahead for the baby. For me, well, it seems that feeling sick, exhausted and cranky all the time is just my fate. Luckily I have Bub who gets to put up with my shit. He's still wondering how he pulled the short straw.

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