Guess who's back?

So, we went to the US. And now we're back from the US. My silence has a lot to do with that. I will very soon be gracing your RSS feeds with more treasuries and unsettling thoughts on life. Maybe a picture or a recipe, as well.

As a family we went on a hayride, partook in pumpkin rolling, tortured ourselves at the Children's Museum, visited my old haunts, and learned that Mister Man will eat cucumbers.

As a couple we got lost in Brooklyn and Mount Kisco, became financially irresponsible (for 10 minutes), took part in a 'waterfall', survived a 7-hour flight with a toddler, slept in, and wished we went to high school together.

As an individual I saw a great friend get married, cried at the alter (or about 4 feet to the left of it, anyway), accepted my teenage-self, took a walk down memory lane, and fell off of a lifeguard chair.

The weather was pretty awesome, as well.

Talk soon.

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Liz in Dublin