Henri Hippo shot JR.

That's Henri Hippo. He made an impression in the hearts of all the kids in Ireland in the 80's. Even Bub took out an Ulster Bank account because of Henri. I hear there was a pencil and a ruler given to you when you signed up. That's a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. All my bank gives me now is around €7 a year in interest.

I took the picture because of what Henri is saying. My mother still looks forward to watching Dallas on repeat. She loves those lying, cheating, beef eating Texans more than her own daughter. My mom and the Hippo have something in common.

When you go into labor while watching Dallas and then you WAIT UNTIL THE EPISODE IS OVER to go to the hospital, you can't be surprised that your love of Patrick Ewing on a horse might bite you in the ass one day. If my dad hadn't gotten a hold of the birth certificate first, my name would be Pamela Barnes. This blog would be called Pam in Dublin...or Dallas. I would have had to wear a stetson and, to be honest, my head doesn't look good in hats.

Photo taken 11 April 2008 at the Blackrock DART station

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