Hi, I'm PC.

So, Mac's are pretty amazing machines.  I can't believe I have lived this long without one.  I also can't believe that this topic has now come up twice in this blog.  IN A ROW.

It runs efficiently.  Plain and simple and that's a pleasure.  Where the PC has been going wrong all these years, I don't know.  Like logging out of your account and into another one, this is now a simple and quick task.  With a PC I age 15 years before I see the sweet smile of James McAvoy staring back at me on my screen.  And I feel 15 years is worth it because HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?  Now, my boyfriend is right in front of my fantasizing face.  And this is something every red-blooded woman needs.  James McAvoy ON COMMAND.

Know what doesn't run efficiently?  Me.  When playing with the Mac.  Like right now.  I should be packing up the apartment and moving my stuff to my mother-in-law's because the "corporation" can't get their shit together and turn on the water in our building.  But instead I'm writing this blog entry in a blogger widget.

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