How to make your brussels sprouts happy.

Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving. Yes, it was over a week late. No, it did not make a difference. We chopped, peeled, zested, minced, cooked, baked, stirred, mixed, beat and sautéed for 24 hours leading up to 6pm and we genuinely had a great time doing it. And I think our guests had a great time eating it, too.

And, in keeping with tradition, I forgot about something baking oven until everyone was done eating. Last year it was the sweet potatoes. This year, the biscuits. I ate some of both regardless of the crunchy texture and burn-tangy taste. Grands are Grands, you know? Contraband from the US! I'm not giving those up, black bits be damned.

One surprise hit of the night were the brussels sprouts. I know, right? Brussels sprouts. No one ever brags about brussels sprouts. No one likes them. If they're on a dinner table, people typically refuse them or push them around a plate. If brussels sprouts could, they would be in therapy working on their self-esteem.

This year, though, with the help of Pinterest I made awesome brussels sprouts.

Source: via Liz in Dublin on Pinterest


My suggestion to everyone in the world: MAKE THESE. The lemon and cheese and garlic are so lovely all together, and at the end of the night there were none left for reruns and I was genuinely sad.

But I still have pumpkin cheesecake so it's okay.

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