I am motivated by the fates, he is motivated by his hatred of tummytime.

There are two things about myself that I really don't like:

1. I have always had thunder thighs. Always. Even when I was seven I had sizable thighs.
2. I am irrationally superstitious.

Ah, superstitious. I usually pride myself as a rational person. I can normally separate myself from a situation enough to know whether or not I am taking the rational steps to a conclusion, and not the emotional steps. I wasn't always like this, but tried to become like this to be less annoying. When you're the most dramatic person you know, and YOU KNOW you are the most dramatic person you know, an improvement needs to be made. Since becoming a mother this has waned a bit a lot. I often can't stop myself from reacting because of THE TIRED. Yes, THE TIRED is still happening, six months on. I've come to accept it.

However, something that has never left me is my superstitious nature. I have tried to shed it. I have tried to walk under ladders and refrain from knocking on wood, but it never happens. If I say something I must knock. Not just once, but about 10 or 1000 times. When James started sleeping through the night* I didn't tell people for months. MONTHS. I knew that as soon as I said something he would start waking up at hourly intervals, mocking me and my proud nature. This is why I tell you of this next milestone with great trepidation.

Yesterday, after a lot of worrying, internet searching and the consulting of other mothers James rolled. It was just the once and from tummy to back (the easy way) but he did it. He decided that being on his tummy was just not acceptable and he rolled. He just did it. Like that. Without any hoopla or fanfare, he rolled over and then smiled up at me because he didn't have to be doing evil tummy time anymore. He knew, from that moment on, he had an out of that awful activity. And I was screwed.

So, here we are, watching Gilmore Girls before breakfast and I'm debating whether or not I should put him on his tummy again to see if he'll roll over, or just wait for him to roll to his tummy from his back and not test my luck until I realized that luck had nothing to do with it. My little boy is growing.


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