I can't find any of my kitchen utensils and my unmentionables are inaccessible.

We are still moving. Still. Like, we started this whole process about a billion years ago and now, finally, this weekend we are supposed to be out of our old apartment and into our new apartment my mother-in-law's house.

Did you notice how I crossed our OUR OWN APARTMENT and put in someplace that is NOT OUR OWN APARTMENT? Because I did.

Apparently the "corpo" wants to keep up the good Irish tradition of wasting money and doing nothing in a timely fashion. They haven't turned on the water in our building yet and it was supposed to be up and running on September 16th. I'm all for upholding traditions but taking almost a month to turn on water? Letting people be out of money, and home because they can't manage their department properly isn't a problem, apparently. Really, who needs either of those things? They aren't BASIC NEEDS or anything.

And can we move in our stuff before they turn it on because it will be so massively inconvenient to have to move it all twice? UM, no. Because they can't give us a key. Because no one can have a key until the place is livable and the place isn't livable until someone turns on the water. It's a vicious and evil cycle.

So now we have a layover before we can move in. All of our stuff is sitting in the luggage hold at MIL Terminal and we're unable to get at our cargo until we land at our final destination. Luckily we are VIP so the food and entertainment is free.

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Liz in Dublin