I definately knead to proof reed moar.

Over the years, and a few hundred blogs later, I acknowledge that I make big grammatical errors in my writing. Sometimes even silly spelling mistakes. At first, when I would catch them, I would get really mad at myself for putting myself out there on The Internets looking like someone who would go work with their shirt sticking out of their fly. I'd make the correction and berate myself for a few hours for not proof reading.

But then, eh, I started to get over it.

In my head I still rolled my eyes at people who couldn't get basic spelling correct. For example:
Definitely/Definately - this was drives me nuts.

And then there are the mistake with words that sound the same but mean something very different, like:

Last night I made a blog post. And in my haste, I wrote 'whoa is me' and then published it. I even read it over once it was published and didn't catch the mistake. A mistake, had I read it on someone else's blog, that would have made me laugh and wonder how they ever got to 29(again) without learning the difference between 'whoa' and 'woe'.

I'm a bit bitchy sometimes. Sorry.

Last night I went to sleep and dreamt John Slattery was trying to get me to buy a huge dining room set from Meadow and Byrne. It wasn't the colour I wanted but he persisted. Anyway, I was with John and then suddenly the 'whoa' floated through my brain. When I say I shot up out of bed I'm not exaggerating. I'm pretty sure when I sat up my ass came up off the mattress into standing position, my feet landed firmly on the floor and then they took off down a flight of stairs, leaving reason behind, still fast asleep on the pillow.

I sat down and made that correction from 'whoa' to 'woe' lightening fast and hoped all of my intelligent friends and family members didn't notice. A moment later I realized that of course they would have noticed. These people are much smarter than me and their dreams probably are filled with amazing spelling and grammar!

Now, here I sit, feeling a bit foolish because, a. I don't have any pants on and it's a bit chilly in the office; and b. because I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to care so much about proper spelling on the internet but I do. I can't help it. My body propelled itself out of bed to correct a mistake that I realized I made while sleeping. There is something really messed up about that.

I'm going to go put some pants on, head to Meadow and Byrne in hopes John will be there to sell me something I actually need and maybe get a coffee. Rough Sunday already.

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Liz in Dublin