I have a plan.

In an attempt to update something about my life, I have decided to start updating Baby in Dublin, and yesterday I did so with some photos from our scans. In the future I intend to post about my pregnancy there. A few wise women suggested this as it will be a good way to keep a record of my every pregnancy emotion and thought that I might want to have and read back once the baby is born. I see the benefit in this, as it might lend to my mind to become unblocked so I can update this blog more.

I had never expected being pregnant would take up so much of my life – if I’m not going to a doctors appointment, or considering making a doctors appointment because of my many, usually completely ridiculous reasons (examples: I think I fart too much, I’ve had the hiccoughs for too long, or I’m scared they thought the umbilical cord is a penis and I’m really having a girl so they BETTER DOUBLE CHECK), I’m thinking about what the baby is doing, where the baby is laying, should I eat this piece of cheese or will the baby not like it, will the baby’s furniture look good in his room, will he like the color blue, so on and so forth and so my constant mind-stream is all baby related. I think I had a few thoughts about work recently, but not many. That’s why they pay me the big bucks. Hopefully, updated the other blog with baby-related news will clear up my head for my every day life and then my friends will talk to me again.

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