I have to stop taking photo and video evidence proving I'm wrong.

It's like I'm on a video kick these days. That camera is always in my hand waiting for Mister Man do to something else only us and our parents would find amazing.

He is doing a lot more these days and it's a lot more exciting then just filming him spit. I mean, who does that anyway?! I have an extreme fear of spit and recording your child doing something as mundane and disgusting as spitting means you're a lower class of human then you should ever admit on the internet.


When I go pick up James from creche they give me a rundown of his daily happenings. When did he do a dirty, how much milk he drank, if he refused sleep and, of course, what he ate for breakfast, dinner and tea. When I get there I'm always expecting them to tell me he had run the place down with his behavior and set something on fire while rallying the the other children behind him to form a coup but so far it's all been, "He's been in a brilliant mood all day! Oh, by the way, there is a stomach bug/cold/cough/flesh eating virus going around. Keep an eye out for it."

Recently, though, they have been telling me that he is falling asleep during his dinner. I scoffed at this, thinking they must be slipping him some heavy narcotics because when he is tired and put in a high chair he throws hissies that would put Naomi to shame. Won't sit, won't drink and will not, no matter what, eat. My child DOES NOT fall asleep while eating.

Below is the video that proved me wrong. Please excuse the Blair Witch Project type filming. I actually could not contain my body shaking I was laughing so hard.

A Sleepy Lunch from Liz in Dublin on Vimeo.

James: 2 Mama: 0

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Liz in Dublin