I knew my shirts were missing something.

For the past two years me and the rest of the world (although the rest of the world might have been there first) have been buying stuff off of Etsy. If you've never heard of Etsy, you obviously live under a rock. Go to their "About us" and read up because I have no time for you.

I had only bought jewelry until recently with my favorite shops being Rachael Sudlow Jewelry and Galina Kirman (which seems to be temporarily closed) but all of the shops I have dealt with have been incredible. Very professional and friendly and the kind of customer service I crave as an American ex-pat. People who don't want to spit at you is always awesome.

The latest seller is no exception. Melfitz Homemade Fashion Accessories' owner Melissa was amazing to me from the start. Not only did she do them in a special size, she also bought special yarn for my sensitive skin that will not put up with wool. I'm sure the universe had the biggest giggle when I figured out that Ireland is known for it's woolen mills. I give the middle finger to the universe.

So there I was, wanting these arm warmers because my arms are always cold. Basically they are fingerless gloves that go above my elbows but what they are really is AWESOME. I see them and I want them and I hem and haw about it for a few weeks and then I take the plunge. I ask if she can make them a certain size. She says yes, of course. I then remember that I'm allergic to wool and email her again asking if she can get different yarn. No problem, she says. Two weeks later I am pulling this adorable package out of my postbox:

Let me say this: I love craft paper and I love knitted adorable things. JACKPOT. It's like Melissa was angling for me to order from her again so I can get another package and never, ever open it.

These are the arm warmers themselves. Let's be honest -- I bought knit sleeves. However, they are warm and soft, and perfect for the three quarter length, geisha sleeve sweater I have, even though I have worn them multiple times with just a tshirt. My mother-in-law laughs a lot when I do this. It's good to know I still keep her entertained.

Once again, I'm incredibly happy with my Etsy purchase and do intend on visiting Melissa's shop again. If you know me well, you might very well be getting some knitted accessories for Christmas. Stop complaining.

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Liz in Dublin