I need House, MD.

They tell me that yesterday was the longest day of the year but I have to say that They are wrong. They are wrong because They didn't take into account the fact that in some places of the world, the sun never comes out. In short, it has been raining here continuously for about, oh, A THOUSAND DAYS and I am scared we might never see precious sunlight again.

I am home sick from work today because my body has decided to stop functioning properly and start function like a 1973 Chevy Vega. I'm slightly disoriented some of the time which isn't great when you're the driver in the house. Too bad for him, though, because he married me and that means he has to drive shot-gun if I'm confused or drunk. And I'm both, often.

Since I'm home I get the pleasure of watching daytime, American television. Irish TV is weird because you never can tell what they will decide to put on the air. "Greys Anatomy" is a huge hit here but they can't seem to get past the second season. They actually keep rerunning it OVER AND OVER AGAIN and if I have to see Dr. Burke do that "You're a pain in the ass and your ugly but I love you" speech to Christina one more time I might have to fly over to Seattle Grace and shoot him in the shoulder. (OOOOH -- thank god for British TV stations. Yeah, I know what's going on!)

Irish television just can't seem to time any show properly besides "Lost". Right now we are also getting close to the end of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". Isn't that show CANCELLED in the US?? And hasn't been on the down since Christmas? It didn't get here until February. They bought the rights to a failing show. That's like buying all the seasons of "Joey" and wondering where the money went... oh wait...

So, imagine my surprise when I turned on the TV this afternoon to find "The Rachel Ray Show". She's loud, I might be about a billion times more stupid now than I was before watching, the HUGE diamond ring blinds me into a jealous rage, but I think I love her. EVOO. LOVE IT.

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