I no longer have a coke habit.

A few months ago I wrote about my 2012 new years resolutions: to floss daily and to drink less coke for three months.

I was mildly successful.

Straight up - I didn't do the flossing thing. It lasted for a month, maybe, and after that I would floss every other day or so when the mood struck me. The problem is that I'm usually running late in the mornings and I have to decide whether I want to have flossed teeth or eyebrows and eyebrows usually win. Because walking around without them is creepy as hell. I've scared a lot of children that way.

There was a time for a while where I would put my eye makeup on at work when I got in and these were days when I would get out the door on time and make the 7.52 train. Why does it take so long for me to put on eyeliner and mascara? I don't get it. When I think back to the mornings I've applied them both it doesn't seem like it's something that should take an extra 10 minutes. But if I want eye makeup, eyebrows and flossed teeth, I might not get in until noon.

Sorry, gums. You're welcome, Dalkey Dental Clinic.

What I find hilarious about my dentist's site is that there are dental before and after pics and one of them is of a filling. I swear the internet gives people too much freedom to express themselves... says the blogger.

The coke resolution, though, has been a wild success. I did it. I have made it three full months, including an extra day because it's a leap year, of no soda. Not one drop. No gingerale or rootbeer. No sprite or 7up. Not one drop of Pepsi or Coca-Cola has passed these lips.

As embarrassing as this it to say, I'm proud of myself. I've never successfully completed a new year's resolution before and this was one properly difficult for me. There were days I craved a coke to go with Pizza Tuesdays (yes, we have Pizza Tuesday around here) or a chinese delivery on a weekend but I would take a deep breath and had some sugar-free lemonade instead.

In short, this is me giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done. As of 4pm today, I still haven't had the coke I feel I've earned after three months because I'm waiting for the perfect moment. Liquid sugar is something I really enjoy and, from now on, I want to have it sparingly so I can think of it as what it really is: a sugary treat not meant to be consumed with every meal, but instead like a bowl of ice cream or a chocolate bar; every so often and when you get a craving.

So, yay me.

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