I owe someone €200

They caught him. I hardly believe it myself but they caught him and will be charging him with attempted robbery and assault and this is all thanks to an unbelievable shop keeper, a quick thinking taxi driver and the power of radio.

I was in work this morning for about 15 minutes when the phones started ringing. I was about to answer when a co-worker came over and said, "Liz, they're talking about you on the radio!" I know my presence here in Ireland is exciting for EVERYONE but I never thought that Newstalk would catch on to my greatness.

Sadly, they didn't catch on to any greatness of mine, but did get a call from a shop keeper up on Baggot Street who, after seeing a struggle across the street, and then seeing a man run across the road started chasing after the man himself. The scumbag got into a taxi (and I would LOVE to know with what money he planned on paying for the taxi with!), then the shop keeper got into a taxi behind him and the taxi driver took off after the cab in front! It was only when they were in Ranelagh (a few areas over from where we were) that they, and the gards, caught up with them.

The gards took the man in, along with the shop keeper, but they told the shop keeper that they couldn't charge the fucker with anything because some stupid, moron victim out there didn't report the damn thing (descriptive words mine). So, this morning the shop keeper got on the horn to Newstalk Radio to tell the story, I suppose as an appeal to me to call the gards. And after the calls and the report from my co-worker that is exactly what I did.

I have given a statement, they are picking him up again and are giving him his SECOND attempted robbery charge in a short period of time. Right now he is out on bail for his first. In a few months he will have a hearing and if he pleads not-guilty I will have to go to court to testify and hopefully deliver that swift kick to the nuts I should have given him yesterday. If he pleads guilty he goes straight to jail, does not pass go and does not collect that 200 that I now owe someone because of my lack of faith in shit-bat crazy, but very awesome, people and the gards. It's a good 200 to lose.

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Liz in Dublin