I will not expose myself to 5th Avenue in 2008.

I usually don't make new year resolutions because I don't think I have ever kept one. I don't do this on purpose, I think I just used to take on too many at once, or make unrealistic goals for myself and then I am sorely disappointed when I don't succeed. Like in 2000 when I vowed to be more careful about where I was going; taking notice of my surroundings and hopefully spend more time upright than on my ass embarrassed. That year I tripped and fell in the middle of 5th Avenue on a bright sunny day over Easter weekend while wearing a short dress. I didn't know it before then, but limping is sexy.

This year I have decided to actually make some realistic, vague goals for myself so there isn't too much pressure but I can say that I tried. My mother always yelled at me for not even TRYING to clean my room, or TRYING to understand long division or TRYING to not roll my eyes when people act ridiculous, so I think this is a step forward.

1. Lose some weight. Whether it's 100 pounds or 2. Or maybe it's just going to the bathroom. Either way, I should weight less on January 1 2009 than I did January 1 2008. Ounces count.

2. Start dating things (i.e. checks, invoices, letters, work passwords) "2008". The bank/clients/friends/employer do not like it when you insist on living in 2007 or sometimes 2006. I think 12 months should be enough to accomplish this.

3. Take pictures of our life and insist that Bub be in them. He looks cute while sleeping.

4. Spend less time with people I don't like. Sadly, they are numeral. Luckily, my eye rolling skills usually means they won't come seeking me out.

5. Blog more, even if it means putting up silly lists to take up interweb space.

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