I'd lick a Swede.

Another week goes by and I don’t update. I just don’t feel like updating about my every day life, because, to be honest, I don’t like reading about the mundane things other people do every day and I’m damn sure no one likes reading about the bits and pieces which make up my usually boring lifestyle.

Get up
Iron, if necessary
Drink tea
Mark Cagney
So on and so forth…

But this past weekend the best thing happened when we were in Belfast. We went to Ikea. Ikea, the land of cheap furniture and funny names. That said, it’s cheap, attractive furniture that I want to lick from top to bottom when I see it. I find Ikea sort of amazing like that. They can turn furniture that you know will fall apart in a year into this amazing creation for your house that you can not live without. That heart shaped ice cube mold? NEED IT. The bright red colander and bendy straws? NEED THEM BOTH. It’s all so beautifully put together that you wonder if anyone has ever gone in and come out empty-handed.

We bought a lamp. A lamp so cool that all you have to do to turn the light on is gently tap it. It looks like it should be a lamp in the year 2108. Or on a space shuttle. I also bought a sifter that sifts with the handle. That’s not so space-aged but lickable just the same.

With magic like this you wonder why they don’t bottle it and sell it for £4.99.

Photo taken 22nd June, Belfast, NI

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