If I had brains I'd be dangerous.

This morning we woke up at 7.15am (unusual) in my mother in law's house (incredibly unusual). The whole family in one room. Well, myself, Bub and Mister Man. My mother in law wasn't in there with us. That would be weird. Where would it be most appropriate for her to sleep, anyway? In the middle? Or at the end by her son because they are family or at the end by me because we are both girls? Have I taken this too far yet? I swear my brain just went all these places. Awwwkkkwwaarrrdd.

Anyway, we're waking up at her house at a slightly later time than usual today because we had to go to the hospital so we can make sure Mister Man isn't allergic to...things. And that he doesn't have...things. And that both lungs are there and working. This day had a stressful build up. We didn't want him to be poked with needles or held down against his will or scream so loud in the phlebotomy office that the masses outside would think we had threatened to never give him McDonalds fries ever again. That's just plain cruel.

Because of all of this stress, and anxiety and build up in our heads (because, for once, it wasn't just me acting all crazycakes) we forgot a few things:

1. Our lottery ticket. The lottery was €16 million last night (untaxed!) and so Bub spent €16 on a lottery ticket. Let me repeat. €16 ON A LOTTERY TICKET. I have never spent a penny on a lottery ticket always figuring the way I win is by knowing I am smarter than the people who spend their money on the lottery. Superiority at it's best. We left it at our place and had to wait until this afternoon to find out we won. €10.

2. (BLANK)

3. I swear on all that is sacred in the world, I forgot number 2. I had this list in my head for about 15 minutes, sat down to write this post, wrote the whole schpeal about the lottery ticket and nothing. It's gone. And it was much better than the fecking lottery ticket. Who cares about that lottery ticket? It was only €10. We actually LOSE €6. We are quite literally losers.

4. The most important of all -- LOST NIGHT. We were so caught up in our worry we completely forgot about the most important night of the week. Monday to Wednesday - Boring days. Thursday - LOST NIGHT! How will we live if we don't know what happens to the Oceanic 6? And WTF is up with Aaron vs. that creepy blonde kid from a few weeks ago? How will we ever know all of these upser-important things if we forget about Lost Night? BBBWWWAAAHHHHH!

TAXES! I forgot to file my taxes! That was number 2. Oh thank god. I'm a winner again.

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