I'm bigger than Obama.

You likely won't believe this, but I have a fan. And it took me almost a month to realize it.

I send big love (not in the polygamy way kind of way) to Grey Mantled Wolf. I stumbled upon his blog after looking into my own analytics for the week and discovered I have two referrals from there.

(Yes, I do know when you are reading and when you're not, mom. Step up.)

So I went and saw a lovely post about how he likes my blog. And to say that you like me out loud to the world on the internet is almost like a marriage proposal at Yankee Stadium in my book. I was so excited that I IM'ed Other Liz about it. Here is the exchange:

Me: my first proper fan
Other Liz: oh my god details
Me: [The specific post]
Other Liz: that is AWESOME
Me: awesome
Other Liz: holy awesome

Thank you so much. You should turn your comments on so I can bombard you with gratitude instead of doing actual work while at work. Think about it.

And I know, I really need to take a compliment a lot better than this.

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