I'm hell on wheels on a bike.

A while back I mentioned that I have my provisional license here in Ireland and I drive without L Plates and without an experienced driver because, as I put it, "that's how I roll", but also because I have been driving for 10 years and I can't believe that a country would make me take their stest to just put me on an already huge and still growing waiting list for full-licenses when they could just give me a license and be done with it. Mostly though, because it's how I roll.

As of midnight on Monday (because it's a bank holiday weekend here and we'd hate to inconvenience inexperienced drivers who want to drive without an experienced driver present when the prospect of parties and drinking is on the cards) every person with a provisional license, first or second, MUST have a fully-licensed driver with them who has had their license for two years or they will get a fine of €1000 and those dreaded points on the license.

Well, fuck. Sorry mom, but let's say it again. Fuck. I only know, like, two fully licensed drivers and neither of them live with me. And I have a car that is paid in full sitting in the car park waiting to be driven by it's faithful owner and now I'M NOT ALLOWED TO. I don't think they realize how annoying an experienced driver in the passenger seat can be. And I won't mention here how I took down three mailboxes while an experienced was SITTING NEXT TO ME when I had my learners permit in the US 10 years ago.

And the wait time for a test? About a year, depending on where you test, not to mention the fact that right now their website to apply to take the test is DOWN. Because, you know, they're douche bags.

This weekend I will be going out and purchasing my L Plates, and outfitting The Husband in a way so he has the stern look of an experienced driver in case any gards ever want to pull me over.

Basically, I'm screwed.

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