I'm not a racist - stupid people are everywhere.

To start off I want to say that I don't think the US is better than Ireland or Ireland is better than the US but that there are just some distinct differences in the way we live. On the other hand, there are jerks all over the world and sometimes the Irish ones will be featured here. This, however, is just by default. If I were in France the French jerks would be featured here on a regular basis too.

The news today featured a story about a young gard (Irish police officer) somewhere up in the country who, instead of taking a concerned, citizen's phone call seriously, he did this:


And then he put it up on YouTube.

As I said above, there are jerks and morons everywhere and sometimes you have to discuss them at length to feel good about yourself. This could happen in every country, with any law enforcement agency, but I feel there are only a special few who take video themselves and then put it on the web afterwards. I know the guy on the phone seemed nuts, but you just don't treat the situation that way when you are a cop. It's so ridiculous it almost seems like a sketch but this guard is about to lose his job.

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Liz in Dublin