Ireland: Where the news happens

Since my life is less than exciting right now, I bring you funny Irish news! The news where people out of Ireland go "Whaaa?" and people in Ireland nod their head in understanding and appreciation. The chaos makes sense to us.

Vatican to change St Patrick's Day to March 15th....for just one year.
St Paddy's in 2008 happens to fall on the Monday of Holy Week -- the holiest week in all the land. The bishops got together and said "THIS WILL NOT DO!" (actually they said, "Ciò non basterà!" because they're in Italy, yeah?) and so they changed it to March 15th. Just like that. Poof! Don't worry, the people of Ireland will still be getting the following Monday off of work. Phew!

Irish women are almost as good as Irish men. Almost.
There is a pay gap of 9% in Ireland between men and women, which is about 6% less than the EU average. Tonight I will take to the street in my apron and pearls, vacuum in hand screaming, "I have just about made it world! I am (almost) an equal!" Yippee.

Food Dudes coming your way thanks to thin Irish children.
The University of Wales came up with a campaign to trick kids into eating nutritious foods. Then, instead of using Welsh children as guinea pigs, they tested their theory on Irish children and, shockingly, it worked. Now, they are exporting the The Food Dudes, healthy eating heroes to the US, Canada and Italy. I look forward to hearing "Ma, I want me broccoli and tomaaaaahtos" in the future.

And finally, in not-so-Ireland related news:
Jackass on internet reads new Harry Potter book, copies it page for page and spoils the world, including me. distributed the new Harry Potter book early and some of its fans have turned into jerks, photographing the pages and distributing them on the internet. Luckily, Scholastic was on that bitch and has sued as well as their distributor.
In other reports it says they are also suing anyone who distributes the book around the internet early, like my little friend with his video, his photographs and his general bad will towards people who take a children's book WAAAAY too seriously.

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