Ireland -- With Added Fat!

My days at the job are getting more and more busy as the month goes on so of course that means I get to post less and less in my blog. I do have thoughts throughout the day and I say to myself, "I should write in my blog about that -- people will find that interesting and insightful." But then I forget what they are and so I post pictures of babies and men in thongs. You can also win people over with babies and thongs.

Instead of writing about Ireland today, I am more going to write about myself. I feel I need to preface this because, really, my life isn't that exciting. The Husband and I lead a rather slow lifestyle but it's a lifestyle I am happy with. We take dance lessons (We're up to the tango and can I tell you how fabulous I am at it? No I can't, because I really suck.) and watch our favorite programs on TV. Sometimes we'll catch a matinee at the cinema. Really, we're 70 year olds in 20-something bodies, although my body sometimes feels around 50ish. And a bad 50. Not like this "Oh-I'm-jumping-all-around-to-different-countries-and-going-to-China-while
-not-missing-our-daughter-at-all" 50, like SOME PEOPLE. It's more like "Having-15-cats-and-naming-them-all-in-honor-of-characters-
from-'Bonanza'" 50. The sexy kind of 50.

Because of this lifestyle I have gained weight. And not just a little bit of weight -- small elephant kind of weight. While I have never been a skinny-minny, I also never weighed this much. I am, of course, blaming Ireland and not myself. Because it's easier and Ireland can't fight back. The lifestyle here is so laid back that I have never felt the need to move around. We don't want to go out and about and see things -- we want to relax whereas when I was at home I would hop around all the time. It's just the difference in ways of life between the US and Ireland and even though I blame this wet miserable Ireland for the lack of activity in my life, I really know there is no one to blame but myself. BUT I have decided to do something about it! I have joined Weight Watchers! And then they tried to kidnap me.

After I signed up they took away my little card and told me that I must sit down and go to the meeting and I can collect my much coveted, rather expensive card after they were done patronizing inspiring me. But, I didn't want to go to the meeting. "You'll lose three times more weight if you do" I was told. Yeah, but I need to get going, I have to be somewhere else, I said back. "No," she said. Then very slowly and softly, she went on, "First we need to...take care of you."

Now I am a scared, devoted member of Weight Watchers. Just the way they like it.

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