It's official. I am Liz in Dublin

Christmas in our house was lovely. My parents are here living the Irish life (a.k.a. sitting on the sofa, waiting for things to open and drinking), Mister Man received every toy ever made in or imported into Ireland (we're building an extension onto the back of the house for New Years to house every gift) and I was given my own domain name from Bub.

So, this blog on blogger, is done. Soon, I will redirect (you know, when I can figure out how to do it), but for now, if you'd like to find me, I'm at (or if I'm in your feed).

At the moment it's a bit rough and ready and I'm still learning how to use WordPress, so give me some time. I'm sure one day all of my categories and tags will make sense and every archived video will work, but in the mean time please feel free to give me any advice you might have on layout design and customisation.

I really, really need it.

Happy holidays and happy new year! I can't wait to see you over at!

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Liz in Dublin