Lessons on Sushi Friday

I have been getting back into a sushi habit lately because a. I really like soy sauce and burning my mouth off with wasabi, b. some fish is low in "points" and I am a slave to the points, and c. I get to eat with wooden sticks and that's normally not acceptable when you're eating, say, raw chicken, and it has less of a problem with samonella.  

There is a newish place in Dundrum Town Centre called Yo! Sushi.  A chain sushi restaurant that puts your sushi on a conveyor belt and has robot sounds to attact staff.  This is how I would prefer to eat all my meals but I watch enough TV to know that if you give robots an inch, they take a mile.

So we go and sit, and since Bub doesn't like sushi he looked at it with caution.  It's food served on a conveyor belt, can you blame him?  He sits and I dig in.  Bowl after colorful bowl is in front of me.  I serve myself some fizzy water, pour the soy sauce and add some wasabi.  After about three or four minutes Bub gets into it because, from what I have learned, you can feed him anything, even food from something one would think Henry Ford invented (but was actually made my Sandvik - Thank you Wikipedia), sometimes even food that I MADE,  like brownies with eggplant, if he is hungry enough.  And on Sushi Friday, it was almost 8pm and he was hungry.  So he toughed it out and ate sushi and was rather pleased with himself.  So pleased he kept eating, and so did I.

Lesson of the day:  Contrary to popular belief, food served on a conveyor belt is NOT CHEAP.  Just something to note.

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