Liz and Baby in Dublin.

Before I had Mister Man I decided to created another blog called Baby in Dublin. I did this because,

a. I would want to chronicle all of his ups and downs as well as mine, and
b. I thought my life as Liz and my life as Mister Man's mother would be separate.

At the time I was in a place where I thought most people who spoke about their kids all the time were annoying. What happened to their lives, I'd say. Are they not people anymore? Do they not have an identity outside of their child? And then I made the biggest mistake that I think all mamas make:

I uttered the words, "When I'm a parent, I will never do that."

How many times have I seen or heard that phrase? About a million, and half of them were out of my own mouth. Before Mister Man I would see people doing something with their child, like take them out to a restaurant or give them french fries at McDonalds, and I would say, "I will never do that." Well, people, that's just ridiculous. Besides the fact that you never ever know what you will do in any given situation until you are in it, I was also being a know-it-all douche when I actually knew nothing at all about parenting and the challenges that come along with it.

I created a completely separate blog about my child so it wouldn't interfere with the blog about my life. And then I tried to actually keep my friends in the dark about James and his development unless they were a friend that I knew had an interest in him or a friend that asked. I really do mean I tried but I don't think I did a very good job. When you spend every single day with someone you can't help but talk about them. That would be like erasing Bub out of every weekend activity, holiday, party, and regular ol' day I have spoken about in the last five years. It's not possible nor would I want it to be.

For the past year I have tried to update both blogs with irregularity. It's not like I have never had anything to write about -- of course I do! Husbands and children make very good blog fodder as the multitude of mommy-blogs will show you. Most of the time I worried about where would the story be appropriate -- Baby or Liz? Who would I annoy by putting something in one place or another? Why do I care anyway? This usually caused me to just not post anything at all. Stupidly dramatic, I know, but I would have rather not blog at all then have to put that much thought into it.

There is zero sense in pretending that James' life and my life aren't one in the same right now. I am well aware that one day he will go on and have his own life that doesn't include me at all -- that's okay. The whole of my life will always include him, even when he's 40 and has kids of his own. That doesn't make me any less of who I was before he came along. In my opinion it makes me a billion times better, even if I lack eyebrows now (explanation coming, I promise). All of the posts from Baby in Dublin past have been imported over to this blog, and all future posts and monthly updates will be here, as well. Baby in Dublin, after one year and four months, is defunct.

And I expect every last one of you to still find me interesting and beautiful. Fine, beautiful will do.

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