Liz in Dublin in America 2012.

On Friday we got back from one of the more traumatic trips to the US. (You know, besides that other one.) I don't know if you heard, but there was some weather issues while we were there. Any plans we had of, oh, I don't know, leaving the house, were put off by a hurricane.

I'll say right now that my family was incredibly lucky. Even though power was lost on Monday at 8pm and wasn't turned back on until Friday at 9am, that was the worst that happened. We stood on line for over an hour in a Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, we went to the mall with friends so we could take in some artifical lighting and have the kids run around without the worry of stepping on down power lines, and my dad's boat managed to stay in the marina with the help of a heavily moustached man who doesn't mind playing on a dock with 70mph winds whipping by.

In the end we ate a lot of fast food breakfast sandwiches, drank some wine and didn't talk about the election while sober at all. Even the drunk election talk was tame. I stated that I think women are people and my parents politely said they didn't care. It worked out really well.

The one disappointment was missing Halloween. NJ put off Halloween celebrations until this weekend, two days after we left. And, of course, Ireland already celebrated on the 31st. Next year, right?

Here's our holiday in instagrammed photos. (Just a note: if you can't read the caption on the TV it says, "BFF's (sic): Christie & Obama". Oh, CNN...)

What Happen in America Obviously Doesn't Stay in America Because I'm Posting it on My Blog

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